Saturday, March 26, 2016

Post Dead /The After Life Hour
Knight ep46 March 2016
The Kentucky Vampires - Bitten
Flesh and the Devil - Crux of Life
Altar de Fey - Echoes in the Corridor
La Morgue - Ataud
One Last Caress - Drunk Stupid and Goth
Lacrima Necromanzia - Simulacre
Morkt Moln - Crepusculo Oscuro
Zotz - Ultima Victima
Smoke Rings - tar Pits
Wallenberg - Legalize me
Belgrado - Visions of Massacre
Chac Mool - Adicto al Amor
Modern English - Drowning Man
Tango Mangalore - And the Cruel Sea
The Doctors - Unterwelt

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